My name is Bookmaker Jake.

I wrote a novel called The Living City

It's about a star-studded theme of storybankers who built an ocean-going city that was freer and more full of life than any city on earth.

More than with bolts and beams, they built their city with a new kind of story the world had never seen.

The new story could do everything The Same Old Story could do, but the new story could be more

It could also be money.

The storybankers measured and exchanged their new story-based money in beats, production scenes, and monetary moments.

And the fantastic, new source of wealth made the storybankers richer than Wall Street Tycoons.

The Living City is more than fiction. It's my pioneering effort to show you that the great stories of our lives have not all been told. We haven't reached The End yet. There is at least one untamed city left on the map where civilization hasn't killed off all the sea-fishing monsters, Yalp-drinking barbarians, and suds-busting super heroes... 

My name is Bookmaker Jake.

I have a dream where our work stories are money.

Every signature copy of The Living City comes complete with its own production scene, including photos and a handwritten story about the making of your book.

To own a book click on the book-image you like best, read its production scene, then email your order (and a little something about yourself :) to livingcity@live.com 


With that I welcome you to the world premiere of Bookmaker Jake's Storybank Account-  


Introduction to Bookmaker Jake

Chapters 1-5: My Bookmaking Boot Camp (June, July, August, September, and October)

Chapter 6: My First Mission in Portland (Dec - June 2012)

Chapter 7: Bookmaker Jake Gets a Life (June 2012 - Fall 2013) * Also featured here: Our Vows and Our Wedding Story

Bonus Material: My Greatest Hits, The Storybank Exchange Explained in Brief, The Blurb