Chapter 4: Bookmaking Boot Camp in Bloom (Sept 2011)

As the days collecting crystals and sunning myself on Bob's mining bench began to grow cold again, I found that I was increasingly eager to get back to the two book a day routine of July.

But that didn't happen. The roles I was playing for Bob were keeping me too busy to makes as many books as I did before the Miners arrived on our wilderness set in the Middle Fork Canyon. But, as it goes, somethings happen for a reason...


The conflict between the mining scenes I did for Bob, my book production scenes, and my on-going mission to fight The Fear and "be civilized" gave rise to a number of  outstanding, fun spur-of-the-moment adventures. In addition to the always entertaining rock blasting and rolling antics of the Crystal Miners: I continued to develop The Hot Springs Scenes with Will and Kate, retraced a nearby section of the PCT using my trail journal and made a book out of my extra-long Thermarest along the way, waded out to the middle of the Middle Fork River and made a book out there, did my best to include the miners I met in my book production scenes, made a cover from a raft box I found at Oxbow Park when I met Emily there for an adventurous weekend, and shared a fun filled day hiking and crystal hunting with my Mom, Dad, and  future Rock Hound nephews.


I wouldn't say that the best of My Bookmaking Boot Camp productions were in September, but I will say that it was around this time I realized something very important. And that was...



And, as a side note, Archer (former Bee Keeper, Machinist, Self-Proclaimed Hippie, and the second most Badass Crystal Miner at Spruce beside Bob) contracted my Bookmaker character to make a guest book for the future generations of miners, tourists, and Rock Hounds at Spruce. I made it from an explosives box and a jack hammer hose. I'm pretty proud of this one...


DSCF0155.jpg Busy Not Making Books (sold) $0.00

DSCF0159.jpg Waiting for the Mountains to Turn Blue (sold) $0.00
DSCF0156.jpg Honk! And Handle With Care $30.34


DSCF0166.jpg Your Ugly Book $29.25

DSCF0157.jpg The River Book (sold) $0.00

DSCF0160.jpg Roger's the Man! (sold) $0.00

DSCF0158.jpg The Chip Bag II (sold) $0.00

DSCF0161.jpg My Epic PCT Storytime Traveling Trip $73.57


DSCF0162.jpg Road Constructions (sold) $0.00


DSCF0163.jpg Oxbow (and Pip) in Rememberance (sold) $0.00


DSCF0164.jpg Hot Springs Scenes, Book IV $40.07

DSCF0165.jpg The Split Pea Soup Callenge, Book IV (sold) $0.00


DSCF0167.jpg Twin Scepters (Just Add Archer and Boom) - SOLD $0.00


DSCF0168.jpg Hot Springs Scenes, Book V (sold) $0.00


DSCF0169.jpg Reaching The Breaking Point (sold) $0.00

DSCF0173.jpg The Tang Book (sold) $0.00

DSCF0175.jpg Going to Town Day $32.88


DSCF0170.jpg G Men and the Whiskey Monster (sold) $0.00