Our Wedding Story

Welcome to Our Wedding Story.

On July 27th, a million and a half years ago, a great flash

of light—maybe created by the birth of a new being, or a rip in the space-time continuum—filled the wilderness now known as Silver Falls State Park with pure love.

At first, none of the wilderness creatures knew what to think about it. Then they saw Love dance through the high green trees and crawl out from under the rocks. They saw Love shoot through the waterfalls and shake the huckleberry bushes in rainbows of color no creature had seen before. And it was so beautiful it kind of drove everyone crazy. Wild Creatures who usually kept their distance met, sniffed, purred, fluttered, and made sounds at each other. Fish leapt from Silver Creek to flap their tails at the deer; cougars frolicked in harmonious clouds of blood suckers, gnats, and dragonflies; marmots came down from their alpine huts to gaze in wide wonder as the bears let the mice run through their teeth.

And Love was not forgotten. Every July 27th for the last million and a half years, the wilderness creatures of this place have gathered to remember. In that tradition, Emily Renée Cooper and Jacob Robert Wasson have gathered here today with you—all their wilderness creature friends and family—to show you their love in a wedding story that begins now, with a great flash of light…

Order of Events


2:00 pm: The Wedding Cast arrives and enjoys mingling and drinks.
3:00 pm: Music signals the beginning of the procession to the ceremony area.
3:05 pm: The Wedding Ceremony begins.

When Ceremony is finished, Cast returns to food area to mingle and enjoy drinks and music while dinner is finalized.
4:15 pm: Potluck-style dinner is presented. Eating commences. Toasts and roasts are offered. Both planned and impromptu speeches are welcome!
Some time later: Tables are cleared and Cast settles in for an evening of revelry.


Cast of Characters


Aaron De Clerck

Wedding Photographer

Alex Chaney


Amber Anderson

Sidedish Chef

Andrew Wallace

Sidedish Chef

Annelise Kelly


Aubrie De Clerck

Bread Baker

Ben Wasson

Musician of the Triumphant Feast

Beth Gibans

Flower Artist, Sidedish Chef

Bill (Buddy) & Mary Ann Cooper

Prop Managers

Bob Jackson

Blastmaster Bob

Brice Anderson

Sidedish Chef

Caitlin Blood

Sidedish Chef

Chris Lange


Clover Ross

Wedding Photographer, Witness, Beer Supplier

Danielle Abbott


Danielle Garcia

Bread Baker

Darian, Troy, & Bodhi Curns

Sidedish Chefs

David Beer


Don Wasson

Toaster/Roaster, Wild Card

Emily Cooper


Emily, Joshua, & Benjamin Boyd

Junior Photographers


Assistant Bread Baker

Glenn Lamb

Sidedish Chef

Ian Wilson

Bread Baker

Jake Wasson


Jan Cayton


Jesse Cooper

Reader, Toaster/Roaster, Sidedish Chef

Jessie Oleksy

Sidedish Chef

Jim Clem

Personal Trainer

Joan & Clem Lanza

Prop Managers

Jody & Gary Hudson

Sidedish Chefs

Joe Clem


John Ross


Jon Williams

Sidedish Chef

Josie Phelan

Sidedish Chef

Julia Lakes

Flower Artist, Sidedish Chef

Justin Jones

Sidedish Chef

Kate Sacrison


Kol Chaney

Bread Baker

Laura Wasson

Wedding Music Coordinator

Lauren Boyd


Lindsey Jones

Flower Artist

Lorraine Cooper

Wedding Set Coordinator, Flower Artist, Punchineer, Sidedish Chef

Lucy Reeve

Sidedish Chef

Marjorie Russell

Hub, Dressmaker

Marlene Hild

Sidedish Chef

Meredith Haviland

Wedding Singer

Miles Wolf Tamboli

Sidedish Chef

Missy Rohs

Sidedish Chef

Reid Mukai

Mood Setter

Richard Beasley


Richard Cooper


Serena Matt

Sidedish Chef

Shynee Ross


Siri Erickson


Spencer Suffling

Sidedish Chef

Sue Knight

Sidedish Chef

Tayne Blevins


W. Bruce Wasson



Many thanks to the rest of our Wedding Story Supporting Cast for their love and support: The Armstrong Family; Andy Boyd; Brie, Matt, & Maximus Carpenter; Tom Cayton; Lance Chantler; Amanda Clayton; Eric Contey; Paul & Maureen Cooper; Karen Cradler; Steve Eggers; Trevor Ellsworth; Seth & Zella Erickson; Skye Garrett; Zak Gere; Rich & Jacquie Janulis; Lindsey & River Lange; The Martin Family; Laura Masterson; Grant, Janelle, & Max McCreadie; John Peter Merrick; The Mitchell Family; Kenny Moore & Kim Collins-Moore; Joe Mulder; The Ross/Manning Clan; James Wc Russell; Cassandra Trachy; Peter & Claire Turck; Amy Ware; and of course Steve Wasson.