The Greatest Hits


Here I am, alone for miles around, making books beside the firepit of my employer and friend Bob the Crystal Miner's mountain property "Spruce." I made three books that weekend: two "gas can books" (which, unfortunately still smell like gas), and a moody book made from a 21st Ammendment Black IPA box. The Black Beer Book was recently bought by my good friend Chis Lange.


One sunny afternoon in August, I packed up my bookmaking props and a few beers and riverwalked into the Middle Fork River, set up shop on a rock island, and made book 109. I was sunburned as hell by the end of my bookmaking adventure, but it was worth it. How many authors can claim that one of their books was manufactured in the middle of a raging river with beautiful mountains in every direction? Not many. Take that Tom Clancy!


This was a special book I made for my sister, Super Homemaking Hero Lizerbet. I made it while she was serving fancy coffees for the immaterial body known simply as "Starbucks." I made it from one of her work aprons. To date, this is the only wearable book I've made. I love you Liz! You're the best!

Side Note: As I made Liz's apron book, I sold one of my cabin books (one a made from Pip's litter bag) to Jaelee the Peanut Butter Lady. She loves peanut butter almost as much as I do. 


I made this, my second mini-keg book, sometime in September 2011. It was bought by our friends in Enterprise, OR Troy and Dana. This was the first book to explore the idea of "The Swindle," or a book for readers who need screens, which finally took form in My First Mission in Portland.