Chapter 2: The Bookmaking Boot Camp Routine (July 2011)

As my self-disciplined Bookmaking Boot Camp continued into July, I soon realized that I'd  written a daily routine for myself...without even trying. And it went something like this: 

I'd wake up with the sun, make breakfast (usually pancakes with syrup and peanut butter, or fried potatoes and kraut (or garbanzo beans) with parmesian cheese and ketchup), put the hot water on for coffee and start a book production scene (usually under the covered area outside the cabin), turn on my mini-disc player and crank out a book before I laced up my boots and hiked the 2 1/2 miles to Bob's crystal mine. There I would check the property for Bad Guys and spend an hour or two collecting "singles" or packing trash or working on the gravity fed water line. Then I'd hike back down to my cabin (usually adding some unfiltered creek water to my Tang along the way, or eating a pack full of crackers and peanut butter for lunch at one of the Middle Fork's fine trail-side vistas), and when I returned to the cabin I was almost always greeted by Pip the Evergreen Jungle Cat before I hunkered down and began my second offical Bookmaker Jake work scene of the day...When I closed the curtain on that scene, after a couple of cups of hot cocoa or beer, I'd often make a pot of ramen and climb up to my loft, get warm and cozy in my sleeping bag, eat by candlelight, and switch on my headlamp to read while Pip caught and ate moths and other creatures attracted to the light.


In July I finished reading the second book (Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton) given to me by my friend Frank "the Barracuda" who wrote: TO MR. SNAKE: MOCK NOT SAID THE MAN...ALSO, NEITHER A BORROWER NOR A LENDER BE...inside the book he gave me. The first book he gave me was Marlon Brando's biography. Both reads were well worth my time, so I decided to stay in step with the theme and read the biography of General George Patton and Malcom X too.


When I wasn't locked in my usual routine, I was making friends and books at Goldmeyer Hot Springs a short 1/2 mile hike down the road. In keeping with my plot to be as social as possible, I had dinner with Jeff and Nikki my Special Guest Stars the Hot Springs Caretakers at least once a week. 


I was also able to take a couple adventures out in civilization: I met up with Emily in Walla Walla for a sizzling hot romance which included: a shady motel, wine tasting at Da Ma, fun at the farmer's market, and a morning run through town. I also got out to spend a few days car camping with my sister and her brood of three boys, one girl, and a husband. Needless to say, epic bookmaking adventures ensued...


And, of course, how could I forget my first keg book inspired by Jeff the Hot Springs Caretaker? How badass it that!?