The Blurb

Here's the blurb Emily wrote me for a Christmas present in 2010...

"In a novel that explores the themes of freedom, community, and what it means to be responsible for your own life, we encounter The Living City--a floating metropolis that exists in a state of perfectly ordered anarchy. Into this city come undercover agent Wylie Jones and his cover girlfriend Maggie Stone, who have been sent by the US Government to gather evidence against the city's founder and president, the mysterious Mr. Chester Weston.

"With the help of a quirky cast that includes a tennis-skirted security guard, a boy king, a cowless cowgirl, two barbarians, and a handful of sea monsters, Wylie and Maggie learn to make their way in the new "storybanking" economy, where time is literally money and even worms are paid for their work. When they realize the events they have set in motion will likely destroy The Living City, they and their friends must gather all of their unconventional forces to save the homes they love."