The Pillow Book (sold)



The Pillow Book was made from a sleeping pad I'd finally busted (the air valve) after two years of backpacking in the Eagle Cap Wilderness and the Northern Cascades (working for Bob). This was one of my earliest work scenes when I was still struggling to print the book out on my ancient printer. The success of The Pillow Book spawned a run of other book production scenes that made use of old pads and thermarests, producing books that not only were soft to the touch...they could double as pillows if reading The Living City put their owners to sleep.

PROP COST (materials): $10.50 + (STORYTIME (time worked, excluding printing): 1hrs 45min x THE RATE OF EXCHANGE (inspired by federal minimum wage): $7.25) = $23.19


This scene was sold to a VERY CUTE COUPLE that I had the pleasure of meeting at the Northwest Book Festival July, 27 2014 -