The Spruce Scenes, Book I (sold)



Saturday, October 1st 2011 - Book 126 - After the miners left, I packed all my bookmaking props up to Spruce and lived in the miners cabin for a few days. The result of which was The Spruce Scenes, books I through VI. It's at least a thousand more feet of elevation up at Spruce, so the clouds hug the ridgeline pretty good. No matter. I spent this one in the cabin, making my first book from the explosive boxes Bob left for me, writing about the last few days at Spruce: our attempt to blow up a stump overhanging the lower bench, the adventure we had drilling a hole on the edge of a cliff with the "Punjar" (Archer drilled as I held him steady by his belt loop), and packing everything up and down the mountain. I was also loving all the good they left for me. I was excited to make my first pizza in Bob's new stove/oven thing I humped up.

PROP COSTS: $11.10 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 4hrs 6min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $40.83


I sold this book at Bumpershoot 2013.