Hot Springs Scenes, Book VII; The End, Book II



Saturday, October 15th 2011 - Book 138 - The last book I made with a Honey Crunch Corn Dog box I made totally in the nude at Goldmeyer Hot Springs. That book now belongs to my good friend Chris Lange, who always encourages nudity whenever possible. However, I didn't get naked in this corn dog covered scene. I said goodbye to Will and Kate. It was an especially good scene to end on. I took some good shots of them, and Kate drew a picture of Cookie Monster dominating some cityscape for me to add to it. And they both signed it in their own ways. Kate wrote a message to you that read: WELL, ASSUMING THE WORLD HAS NOT EVOLVED TO COMMUNICATING VIA BINARY CODE BY THE TIME YOU ARE READING THIS BOOK, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING JAKE YOUR LOCAL BOOKMAKER. NOW STIR YOUR HOT CHOCOLATE, DROP IN A FEW MORE MARSHMELLOWS, THROW A LOG ON THE FIRE, SINCH UP YOUR SNUGGIE, CALL THE CAT (OR DOG) OVER TO THAT COMFY SPOT AND ENJOY! - KATE SHELL

PROP COSTS: $11.10 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 5hrs 28min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $50.73