The End, Book III "The End" (sold)



Sunday, October 16th 2011 - Book 139 - On my last full day in the Middle Fork Canyon, I gifted my Captain Kurk-style swivel chair to Kate and Will and then I cleaned the cabin top to bottom before I hiked up to Spruce to spend the night, keep it safe from bad guys for the last time, and make my final book of My Bookmaking Boot Camp.


I decided to make this book out of a plastic document holder I've been using for my writing projects since 1996, when I graduated Marine Corps Boot Camp and became a basically trained Marine. I wrote this about my day of graduation from My Bookmaking Boot Camp, "I didn't get to wear a fancy uniform, or parade my well oiled rifle before my leader like I did when I graduated Marine Corps Basic Training in 1996...but, unlike my feeling so long ago, I feel like I got the training I needed to be me." 


I also copied what I wrote in the guest book I made for Spruce in this one too. On the cover of that book Archer wrote: FOR THOSE DEDICATED TO KEEPING SPRUCE ALIVE; AND THOSE WHO GAVE US A COLLECTOR'S DREAM. I'm no Rock Hound, but I love Spruce. Of all the work stories I've encountered in my life, I imagine that Spruce: For the Love of Friends, Freedom, and Mining would be most at home in The Living City. After I took my final signature shot shown below, I hiked back down the mountain, packed up my truck (and Pip), and drove home to where I belong, kissing Emily.

PROP COSTS: $14.15 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 7hrs 4min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $69.73


This book now belongs to Sunni Wissmer, a kind young lady I met while tending my booth at Bumpershoot 2013. After I gave her my pitch she immediately took interest in the subject matter of The Living City. It felt good to talk with someone who had an appreciation for the problem of creating freshwater in an ocean-going city. When she said she wanted to buy this one, I warned her that I talked a lot about my time in the Marines. She said she was OK with that, because she grew up outside a military base. She bought this book for $20 and a free copy of her publication "The Living Building Challenge." I highly suggest you check it out. I'm sure you can google it. Thanks Sunni! It's nice to know that there's good people out there caring for our future!