Live at The Hutch, Book I (sold)



Sunday, January 22nd 2012 - In an attempt to explore our neighborhood flora and fauna, Emily and I decided to walk the two blocks to "The Hutch." The plan was to meet my long time friend "Lance Romance" there, have a few beers, and make your book.


Once again, I'm quite shy about bookmaking in public. But, the show must go on...and it makes for a better story. It's funny. We humans have been writing stories for as long as we've been on this planet, yet stories are rarely written about our day-to-day work. Trust me, writing stories about bookmaking in a place like The Hutch (where everyone generally agrees that they go there to forget about work) is a wierd experience. It helps to have good friends who have learned over time that my bar goings-on are not always normal. 


We have teased Lance a lot since we typecasted him as "Lance Romance" at Milwaukie High School, but I will fight anyone, especially Joe, who says "It's just a joke." In many ways, Lance has been the heart of our little group of Milwaukians. He's consistantly cracking jokes, sharing a good story, and willing to listen to all our hair brained ideas. In this scene, he's drinking Coke and working on his school work.


When it came time to make your cover, I approached Shelzey the Hutch Bartender with a pitch for help. I was surprised. She didn't even flinch. Not only did she seem interested in my project, she went in back and found some trash to make your cover from. We agreed that the polar bears were cute, but the Coke logo shouldn't be included. She is, to date, my favorite stranger who's joined one of my bookmaking scenes on the fly.

The boxes I had to work with were a little too small, but I made up for their size with lots of packing tape and glue. It wasn't my intention of making a waterproof cover for your book, it just happened that way. Hope you enjoy the polar bears!

* Oh, and it should be noted here that Emily called me a "wuss" for drilling the holes outside. This becomes almost a theme in itself later down the road. 

PROP COSTS: $10.85 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 3hrs 6min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $33.32


 I sold this adventurous production scene at the NW Book Festival 2015. The guy who bought it was awesome and I wish I had a photo to remember him by. I NEVER MEET ANYONE WHO UNDERSTANDS FiCTIONAL WORLD BUILDING! He not only builds worlds, he proposed that we start up a club for the few nerds in Portland who do this everyday. If you're out there buddy, I'm in! "Shoot me an email!" or whatever the Youth do these days: livingcity@live.com