The Hub Book II (sold)



Sometime in late January - I had a lot of fun making this one at my neighborhood Hopworks Urban Brewery, where Emily and I had a few drinks while we waited for my brothers Ben and Steven (or, as my mom would say, "The Two Boys") to join us.


The first book I made at HUB was special. Even though I did most of the work at a local laundry mat and only wrote its work scene in the brewery, The Hub Book I was still the first book I made in public. This time around I was determined to make the whole book right there, from trashy cover to trashy cover, at our table. Everything was going to plot until I asked the waitress if she could spare a piece of trash from the back to make my book cover from. She said, "I have to ask my manager about that." She was slammed, so I didn't pester her too much. Rather Emily and I enjoyed a good coversation, talking about our friends behind their backs (in a good way!). After thirty minutes or so of this, I was delighted to see that our waitress Maggie! returned with a fantastic HUB box to make the cover from.


I was done with the cover by the time The Two Boys showed up. The scene that ensued was great. We ate pizza, drank beer, and argued about which captain was the best: Kurk or Picard? Steven had nice things to say about Picard, and I respect him for being so imaginative, but at the end of the day...I'd rather follow a real human being with flaws, swaggering dictator type - than be assimilated by a Borg implant, robo-captain like Picard. In any case, thoughout all this, all three of them teamed up on me and called me a "wuss" for not drilling the holes right there at the table. So I did, and nobody cared. Maggie even stopped by to see how my book was progressing. Go HUB! 


When we were done, we went to Laurelhurst Theater to watch a Wasson family favorite, Predator. Emily doesn't understand why I watch mainstream action movies, but I know my brothers get it. They're really comedies. We had a good laugh when California's Govanator shouted, "To the coppa!" in his best B movie tone. By the end of the night, I was pretty drunk. It's easy to tell when I've had too much. I always want to bait someone into a conversation I wish I had the confidence to bait people into when sober like, for example, the question of whether Predator held any literary value. I agrued it did, but, as usual, I was the only one who really cared about the question to begin with.

The Hub Book II is no longer available. I mailed it to my new favorite author, David Graeber in hopes of some feedback. He wrote Debt: The First 5,000 Years. It's one of those rare books that will, if taken serious, scramble your present brainspace. Not many people I know enjoy the process of having their brain's scrambled (probably because, for some reason, they enjoy their present reality), but I know I do. David's a badass, and I hope he enjoys this book production scene. I feel honored that he wanted to read it.