The Brothers Book



Sunday, February 12th 2012 - I started this book at O'Malley's, one of my old haunts here in Portland, while Emily and I waited for my friend Jim to arrive. We'd just ran a five mile loop around Portland's waterfront.


Jim is the older brother of Literary Agent Joe. A long time ago, before Jim became the best Plad Pantry Manager ever, we would drink too much and Jim would embody the spirit of his old Kong Fu teacher Master Freddy, and he would challenge us all to fight him, usually on the grass in Joe's front yard. Master Freddy was a fierce warrior. We had to gang up on him, because none of us could take his five-fingered Kong Fu choppers on alone. Jim has not played Master Freddy for us in a while. He's channelled his warrior spirit into running and pinball. Here's Jim giving us his best Master Freddy war face -


I didn't finish your book at O'Malley's. I played pool with Emily and Master Freddy instead. But I returned to work on it the next day, after three hours or so doing my best to interpret My Family Drama. As always, I try not to take sides in what my Uncle Jim calls "the blood feud," because they are my family and I cannot imagine a time when I would wish to stop being family with any of them. You can choose your friends, but family is family--and as much as I like to think I can chose a side, or sides, of our family like I was out grocery shopping, my life doesn't work that way. Even when my family aren't with me, they are still there in spirit. So, after I hung up the phone on My Family Drama, that's why I decided to make your book from a Widmer Brother's mini-keg I drank with my brother Ben, his girlfriend, my sister Tricia, and Emily--and the box my new Brother black and white printer came in. I guess making The Brothers Book was my way of symbolically binding my uncles reclationship back together. I hope time heals their wounds, and this becomes true someday. 


Emily read while I worked on this, drank beer, and listened to music. She was already in bed by the time I finished. I had fun putting this production scene together for you, and I hope you enjoy reading it, preferably in public where you can show off one of the coolest covers I've ever made!

PROP COSTS: $12.85 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 6hrs 24min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $59.25