The Moon Colony, Book II (sold)



Saturday, March 10th 2012 - Inspired by my sanitizer jug book, I was on the lookout for another interesting piece of trash to make a cover from. I found that something interesting in a consentrate bladder thing that was used in the juice machine. This time, instead of Kelly, I asked a facilities guy named Noah to help me take these shots of my after work production scene. 


At the last moment, I decided to use my trashed dish apron in the production scene as well. I stuck the knife through to show that it was trashed, so you wouldn't get the idea that I used a fuctional apron to make your cover. Noah isn't a suds-buster. He works in "facilities," whatever that means. He gets so bored at work he often helps us close, putting away dishes and such, just because he wants to. I wish I had his problem! Here he is presenting the consentrate bladder as it exits the Eco-Lab dish machine, which is not as good as the Hobart machines I've used in the past.


I biked my raw materials home that night, but I didn't get to work on it until Saturday. It was challenging to transform the bladder and dish apron into a book, but I enjoyed it.


I especially enjoyed writing a little about The Moon Colony in the currency booklet. The elevator quote for this scene was from a Moon Colonist who turned to me, and said, "I bet you boys are back there having a blast spraying each other with the water sprayer." To which I replied, "No, sir. We're professionals. We don't have time to play around with water." He and his wife, and another Moon Colonist, began rolling in laughter at the thought of a "professional dishwasher," who I began to discribe at length before the elevator opened and we went our separate ways.


PROP COSTS: $13.03 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 4hrs 36min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $46.38


This book now belongs to Cheryl the Arts Program Facilitator. I met her at Our Home at the Oregon Convention Center, Wordstock 2013. There's something about some people who have the ability to make me what to make them happy. Cheryl was one of those people. She made me what to tell her something funny. I also told her that working at the Moon Colony sucked ass, and I'm sure she knows, or facilitates the art, of someone who lives there, because she runs what she calls "The Geezer Gallery." In any case, Cheryl was my champion for the weekend. She ushered in many visitors to Our Home, and she introduced me to her husband (who asked many good questions about storybanking) who bought the green ears book I made that day. Thanks for being my champion Cheryl. I hope you and your husband enjoy The Living City!