The Moon Colony, Book III, IV, and V



Sometime in March and April - I made three books for my fellow moon slaves: a wine box and guillotine bookmark book for Suds Buster Kelly, a Korean themed book made from boxes I dumpster dived from Togi's on Hawthorne for Rachelle the Kind Cook who Does Her Best to Like Me, and the wine bag/box book featured in the product shot for Daniel the Space Pussy Bandit.

Here's Kelly picking out the garbage I used to make his book -


Below there's a shot of the dumpster I found Daniel's wine box in. My bike featured there was stolen in May, so if you see it with some other guy Not Me, please steal it back. I named Daniel the Space Pussy Bandit, because many of my fellow dishwashers call our steel wool scrubbies "space pussy," and Daniel often walked in the dish pit, started up a pleasant conversation, and then stole my space pussy. It's not any deeper than that.


And here's a shot of the dish pit -


The Space Pussy Bandit also got away with the book I made for him. I had to give it to his sister for delivery because he was "let go" for being a known drug fiend. I left a note, asking him to pay me for it with my address and everything--but I'm still waiting for the check. I might send the matter to Literary Agent Joe, who owns guns. Stay tuned.