Light from my Bookmaking Lantern (sold)



June 7th - Book Nine - I made three books that day. This one went together nicely. I made the cover from the box my new "Rugged, Rechargeable, Family-Size Coleman Lantern" came in. During the 2007 mining season, I used a battery powered lantern and lots of candles to work into the night. I was excited by the idea that I could charge my new lantern in my truck as I drove in and out of the woods every two weeks or so to buy groceries and see people. Other than a few paragraphs documenting my first bookmaking adventure at night, this scene features a paragraph about my daily 2 1/2 mile hike to Bob's Crystal Mine and a few good shots of the cabin's interior. 

PROPS, material costs: $10.53 + (STORYTIME, actual time worked: 2hrs 25min x THE EXCHANGE RATE, based on federal minimum wage: $7.25) = $28.05


This book was sold to one of my favorite people who visited Our Home at the Oregon Convention Center (Wordstock 2013). I'm a bad man for forgetting her name, but I do know she was a volunteer, poet, mother, and full of life. I talked with her for a while while she waited for her next thing to kick in. Meeting her was, without a doubt, one of my great lights at Wordstock that weekend. I hope her son in San Fran enjoys it.