The Easter Book (sold)



Sunday, April 17th 2012 - Emily and I were invited by the Hub of the Wheel (my grandma) to join my brother Ben and his girlfriend Cass, and my Uncle Jim, for an Easter gathering at her assisted living facility. We ate lunch in the resident dining room, celebrated one of her neighbor's birthday, and then retired to the piano to sing old folk songs and hymns (see the photo at the bottom of My First Mission in Portland web-page).


I was still feeling inspired by the making of my 3-D book last weekend (The Swindle), so I suggested that we stop by a local flea market in St. John's on our way home. There was only one vendor still hanging on when we arrived. With her blessing, we all dived in. Within moments, my Uncle Jim (who I was taking home) had an armful of stuff, haggling with the vendor over the cost of his newfound treasures. I asked my brother, Cass, and Emily to find some "challenging bookmaking material." They did not disappoint (see the photo above). The only problem was that the vendor seemingly wanted to keep the display case. With some whining and sad story sharing from me, she reluctantly sold it to me for ten bucks. I smelled bullshit, but I liked the case a lot, so I handed her over the ten bucks under the condition that we got the framed artwork free. 


Emily went to bed before I finished, because she had to wake up early for her farming job at 47th Avenue Farms. I was surprised how well this production scene came together. Once again, the bungi cord I got from my grandma was invaluable.


I'm not a big fan of decorative art, but unlike most books that just sit on your shelves, unartistically, this one can be set on top of a bookcase, or table, or your mantle--and add that certain special glow of art to your living space. And you can read it too!

PROP COSTS: $22.75 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 4hrs 40min) = SOLD at the NW Book Festival in 2012



I sold this book to a fun, whip-smart woman at the NW Book Festival who visited my booth with her boyfriend and or husband. She entertained us all with a great conversation about the value of my work. This was to date the best conversation on that topic I've had. It felt good, because that's exactly the sort of conversation I hope The Living City inspires. I'm honored that she now owns The Easter Book. Thanks!