The Moon Colony, Book VII "The Blast Off"



Monday, June 18th 2012 - Thursday, June 14th was my last day of work at "The Moon Colony." As much as I like the idea of being a dishwasher like my homemaking hero, Dishmaster Jones, I like the idea of being with my real Homemaking Hero, Emily, even more. My first day at my new place of employment, playing a Dish Delivery Driver for a family-owned NW business called "Bargreens," began on Friday the 15th.

A few of my co-workers at the Moon Colony said they were sad to see me go. I even got a big hug from Mark, one of my fellow suds-busters I gave a hard time to for not working fast enough. I was thinking about making a sneaky on stage exit, but as my last few days played out...I became inspired to make a "super book" that represented my feelings for The Moon Colony. I thought that since the colonists paid some moon employees to assemble the others in what appeared to be random order, I asked the few willing moon employees I knew to select random pieces of moon trash for me to make the super book from. 

Bill the Future Scientist - proud owner of The Rice Bag II Book, fellow suds-buster, and probably the hardest worker at the Moon Colony - was the first to make a selection. Behind him is what I called our "Fahrenheit 451 Flat Screen." God I hated that break room! All conversation there seemed to flow through that stupid television. I often wanted to draw a face on it to give it the sort of respect it got around there.


The next moon employee was a cook who inspired a fun book production scene in which I named her The Kind Cook who tries Hard to Like Me. Her real name is Rachelle, and I am glad she tried as hard as she did to like me. She's an awesome lady.


* The Kind Cook's not in uniform, because she took time out from her real life, away from work, to say goodby to me!

The next to join in was Sam the Server. I didn't get to know her well enough to give her a goofy name. She didn't want her photo taken, but she contributed a USE BY food label that read: DATE: DEC/12/2011 [my first day], PREPARED: JAKE WASSON, USE BY: JUNE 14th 2012. She also cut a heart out of that weeks work schedule, and gave it to me. As we were talking, I asked Robert the Curious Server (a very nice young man who I enjoyed talking with in between bites of leftover food in the pit) to pick something for the super book. And here's Robert - 


The last moon employee to add to this production scene was the dishwasher I felt like I got to know best, because he wasn't shy about arguing with me about dumb stuff. Ethan the Young Fixed Gear Bike Punk (as I described him to my friend Bob the Crystal Miner) is an interesting dude, and I hope to see him around the neighborhood one of these days. I asked him to challenge my bookmaking skills with an interesting piece of trash. I was glad he picked what he did. I think that can really made this book! 


I didn't find time to turn my randomly selected trash into your book until Monday. The weekend was full: two runs (one 8 miler in Forest Park with Emily and Master Freddy), a visit from my old friend Amy, a gathering with Emily's friend's family, and a family open house, starring the Hub, my mom, Ben, and Cass, at Ben's new house in NE. 


I was tired, but the production scene turned out ok. I used my rivets to put an edge on the cover for the first time ever, and I used my new clock stamp on the bookmark/official currency of The Living City, which is what I think I want to call my booklet of homemade "monetary moments" now.

In any case, I feel that I sent The Moon Colony and my Factory Processed Dishwasher character off in style as best I could. As Alex the Ex-Dishwasher and Cook said, "When people leave this place, I always say 'Happy Graduation!' because that's what they do here. They graduate." 

PROP COSTS: $12.35 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 4hrs 50min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $47.39


"To the moon!"