Hell No to Gelato! (sold)



This was the third book production scene I performed at the musical festival in Seattle known as "Bumpershoot." I made the second book on day one when I sold, or rather traded for a painting only one book that day. I sold that book, which was made from a strange "Watch Out for Detox" cardboard sign I dumpster-dived, while I produced this scene. I found the gelato boxes in another dumpster around the corner. One night long ago my friend Jason and I called a local radio station in Portland in protest of all the "got-damned" Californian gelato shops opening around the city. We cried "Hell no to gelato!" into the phone, but to no avail. The fuckers marched through out city gates anyway. So I guess that's to say that, somewhere along the way, I've lost my integrity..because here it is, a book advertising for fancy Seattle gelato. In spite of the fact that I love the way this one looks, I will always see this production scene as a symbol for how low I'll bow to appease the masses. For the backstory of why Jason and I hate gelato, and why Portland should say "Hell no to gelato!" email me at livingcity@live.com and I'll fill you in. 


PROP COSTS: $11.80 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 3hrs 20min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $28.72


This book was sold at the Gresham Arts Festival 2015.