The Final Solution to the Old Book Problem, Part II



I mostly gave up on the idea of using all recycled materials for this one. I got the thick wire that holds the back of the shelves up from the Rebuilding Center, but I went to Ace to buy the steel rods and pipe. I was amazed how much that cost, but I was DONE messing around with dowels, so I paid the price.   


As it was with my first book bookcase, the bookends are books with covers made from meaningful materials. For example: the poster I made for my first NW Book Festival, the recycling bin I salvaged from Bargreen's before I left, a wilderness warning sign Emily borrowed from somewhere, the old license plate from Ranger Jane before she became a "farm vehicle," a How To Write kit from my Uncle Jim, a collage made by my friend Catherine from my days at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness, my Bookmaker Jake sign from Wordstock, and the cover art from a short story I bought from a kid at the same book festival. The title was awesome. It was called, "The Story of The Invisible Annoying Creatures." I could have easily used the same title for my FLaBs (Fictional Land Bodies like America and Oregon). They too are Invisible Annoying Creatures.

In any case, when this production scene was done it had a slight structural flaw. It will not fall over when it is burdened with books, but it requires a prop under its garden-stake feet to keep it from leaning forward. Overall I am pleased with this scene. It now has a place of honor in our Bookmaking/TV/Guest/Squash Room.