The Elimination of a Pest Eliminator (sold)



Like I said, "Sometimes life doesn't cooperate with such ambitions."



Or, better yet, "Sometimes my Bookmaker demands the inky-blood of my employable characters before I feel their time is due." In this case, my Ecolab Pest Eliminator character wasn't satisfied with simply sharing power.


It wanted my full attention: working 50+ hours a week with no set schedule, often times running my days and nights together in the same week, dumping accounts in my "communicator" with little to no warning, dispatching me to every corner of Oregon and Washington (often times for weeks at a time), and then expecting me to look forward to the "promotion" of becoming a route-running Service Specialist. I won't bother with the details of this corporate double-speak, but I will say that if I accepted the promotion they offered me...within a year, I'd either be broken as a cultist, or a crazy person. Ecolab is a cult of sorts, and I know without a doubt that it wouldn't stop pushing until I broke...and it eliminated every character I owned. You know, those pesky Husband, Brother, Nephew, Son, and Bookmaker Jake characters. It was a jealous god that needed to be reminded of its own mortality.


R.I.P. Pest Eliminator!


SOLD! to our new friends (and fellow bedbug veterans) Seth the Shawman, Mimi, and Steve