Gresham Bike Tire Book (sold)



This Cliffhanger Chapter has become increasingly difficult for my original working role: Bookmaker Jake. However, this was a Sunday when I found some motivation with the help, as usual, with some liquid courage. The guy at Gresham Bike Shop asked me if "My book was about bikes." I assured him that it was. Patricia the Wonder Bike Inventor is one of my favorite characters. 


The best part of the Gresham Arts Festival 2015, by far, was meeting Art. He bought his book. He's a fellow writer and I hope he emails me some of his writing. I love the idea of a Prehistorical Circus that travels (and has always traveled) the globe, a band of powerful, god-like characters that keep us mortals in line like Mt. Olympus! Sorry I got a little worn out towards the end of your story Art. I only have so much energy to spend for events like that one, especially one in Gresham.