Hard Rain Before the Festival Book



NW Book Festival 2015 was the best yet! But it didn't start out that way. I'd worked over 55 hours killing creatures for NW Pest Control the week before (in fact they wanted me to work the day of the Festival too, but I told them no), and I was generally feeling like a Pest Control Loser. And I was flying solo because Emily was visiting our friends in Seattle. The first thing I did, naturally, was to off-load my equipment (with John's help) in Pioneer Square, park Jane in a nearby Smart Park, and realize with little humor that I'd forgot to off-load the front door to Our (Second) Home I'd strapped to the roof. Oops. I had at least three people make door comments as I packed it from Smart Park to Pioneer Square. 


Then it started to rain. And I mean Oregon rain. I did my best to provide comic relief to the authors around me, bailing my pooled tent water like a ship wreaked sailor in a raft on the high seas. Everyone laughed when I tried to direct the rainwater into my bucket and failed, succeeding in pouring it all over my head. It was good times for sure, but I was not optimistic about my chances of selling books. The Gresham Arts Festival had sapped the spirit out of me, for the most part, so I surrendered to the drama and walked around meeting my neighbors. 


I had a blast meeting Shelley and company at the Just Dust Self-Publishing booth. I went back a second time to take them up on their offer of a free notepad with their names and intentions on it. I think it made an excellent book cover. 


The rain broke around 2, or so. That only gave me 3 hours to sell books. I couldn't believe the attention that poured my way. The people who stopped by and got the rundown on my books were excited about my story. My scene there flowed. It was a night and day difference from Gresham Arts Festival. 


Here's one of my favorite stopper-buyers!