The Killer Cockroach Book (sold)



I made this book in preparation for the Affordable Art Show. I made it from the box of roach bait my new working Pest Control Tech Character (Let's call it, "Bruce's Pest Machine: Working Part #6 of 6" for now) used to bait a roach filled apartment building in Salem. And yes, I do mean building. We'd been "treating" one of the units in that building for months without any luck, until I had the lucky task of inspecting the surrounding units. I pulled the fridges back and it was like a roach bomb exploded in the apartment. I don't normally spray for roaches, but I was almost running to my truck for my tank. The scene was wild enough to pull most of the tenets from their homes. I remember hearing one young lady who's apartment I started with turn to her neighbor (who's home was crawling with roaches in 3-D) and say, "He (meaning me) pulled out my fridge and all he found was a couple running around." I couldn't help myself. I turned to her, made eye contact, shook my head, and smiled. Denial is one of the words that often comes to mind when I deal with people who live, everyday, with serious pest control problems. I do my best not to judge them though. I figure it's not their fault. No doubt, the Roaches made them do it...


Roaches have mind-control powers you know. If you don't believe me, spend an hour or two surrounded on all sides by creeping, crawling roaches. It doesn't take long before you begin to believe that they're your only friends... 

I think they learned that mind-control trick from Exterminators over time. I mean, who'd want to hang out with some dude who kills rats and roaches for a living? Sometimes mind-control is the only way to make friends. 

In any case, this book sold with flying colors. I didn't talk with Mike about pest control before he bought this, but he knows where to find Bruce's Pest Machine: Part #6 of 6 if ever he needs a top-quality Roach Killer. The mouse pad I attached to the book has Northwest Pest Control's website on it: