Special Guest Stars to the Rescue! (sold)



June 9th - Book Twelve: One major training obstacle I faced in the wilderness was supplying power to my cordless drill, Poloroid moble printer, and digital camera. As it was, I figured my drill batteries would last longer than they did. So, instead of driving out earlier than expected, I "adapted and overcame" my training obstacle (as the Marines would say) with a little help from my new buddies and Special Guest Stars Jeff and Niki the Hot Spring Caretakers. Their fancy, fully powered and refridgerated fancy cabin, was located about a half a mile down the road from my mysterious address in the trees. I asked him if I could "borrow some juice." He lent me what he called his "auger," or what I'd call a brace and bit, instead. This turned out to be a good tool to get familiar with. In the future, Special Guest Star Jeff the Hot Springs Caretaker had many such inspirations for my bookmaking adventures. This work scene also features a paragraph dedicated to the story of the salvaged carpet I used for the cover. I swear it doesn't smell like cat pee!

PROPS, material costs: $9.95 + (STORYTIME, actual time worked: 2hrs 41min x THE EXCHANGE RATE, based on federal minimum wage: $7.25) = $29.40


This book now belongs to one of the three friends who visited my booth at Bumpershoot 2013. She was the quieter one, and I wish I had more of an opportunity to ask her why she picked this one. Oh well! I hope she enjoys it! It's a good one!