Gas Can Book 1, The Remake



 I remade this book from the original I made during my Bookmaking Boot Camp because it got beat up pretty badly in the great deluge of the NW Book Festival. Also, book buyers have consistently showed interest in my bigger 3-D books, but they don't buy them. Why I couldn't tell you. I think it's perfectly normal to read a book out of a halved plastic jug that still smells faintly like diesel. 


But that's just me. It was motivating to remake the Gas Can Books with beer and music on that Sunday. It felt good to remember that better day when I was making books on the mountain ledge at Spruce, looking out over the Middle Fork Canyon and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the distance on a beautiful day. The roaches and rats of Portland were fine, but my work relations were really getting me down. I needed a boost of something good. And this was exactly what the good doctor ordered.