The Swindle, Part II



You can find the original "Swindle: A Book for People who Need Screens" in the chapter titled, "My First Mission in Portland." It was born from a phone conversation with a lady who couldn't process the idea that I MADE my own books, which could not be downloaded or bought on-line. 

This Swindle, however, is more than a fun satirical production scene: 


That is one of three laptops I used to write The Living City. After much abuse it finally saw the bright blue screen of death coming down from the digital 4th Dimension to download it into The Better Place where all good technology goes. 

And I'm pleased to report that my Old Friend's community of light-beings have been successfully reborn. This is it's Better Place where it will be remembered as long as this book shall live...


Ha! This one's a winner for sure! It even uses the side CD dive as a locking mechanism to keep the book closed when not in use!


Oh and I plan to put back some of my old stickers on it. I took them off because I had an identity crisis when I went to the Ecolab Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota.