Don the Bug Killer's Book



This WAS Don's book.

Don was a fellow Pest Control Operator at Pioneer Pest Management. A true veteran and industry pro. He asked for a book after he read my expose on the pest control industry in the Willamette Week. I liked Don, because he was one of the guys at Pioneer I didn't have to wonder about where he stood. He told me straight away he didn't like the article. I respect that on many levels...and that made me wonder why he wanted a custom copy of The Living City? I figured it didn't matter. I had nothing to hide...and he said he wanted a book.


A year later I asked for payment, or the return of my book. In reply, Don walked to his service vehicle and unearthed this book from the dark corner it had been hiding in, all along. He handed it back saying, "It wasn't my cup of tea." 

I smiled and thanked him for returning it. Don was like many guys I saw on Tuesdays and rarely worked with at Pioneer...hard-working workaholics with a borderline religious need to play hero: vanquish the villianous rats and slay the bedbug monsters under the princess's bed. Almost of them are poor (renting a house or living in apartments) and very rarely do they give voice to their roles of lovable losers in support of winners (men) who have no qualms about picking the fruits of their labor. Lovable losers who are 100% understated. I guess that's why I stuck around at Pioneer for a full year after I was ready to give the finger to the Pest Control Industry.

I am like Don and the other Lovable, Understated Losers working at Pioneer in many ways.  

The only difference is that I'm not ready to be a full time Lovable Loser just yet...


How's that for straightforward?