Meatballs for Your Mind (sold)



Friday June 17th - Book 21 - In spite of the fact that it was "summer," June and July in the northern Cascades had a season of another kind. I called it "gloomy." On this day, however, the sun came out...and sparked all sorts of strange ramblings in my production scene. One of which was a paragraph pondering whether or not I should add a "table-making scene" in my total storytime worked for this work scene, because I spent a few moments making a table in between my clips of drilling and binding. Yes...this scene is, as it reads on the title page, "It's like meatballs for your mind!" And that's not just because I made its cover from a prefabricated meatball package (with a ziplock pocket in back!) my sister Elizabeth donated to the cause.

PROPS, material costs: $9.80 + (STORYTIME, actual time worked: 2hrs 30min x THE EXCHANGE RATE, based on federal minimum wage: $7.25) = $27.93


This book now belongs to one of the three young friends who visited my booth at Bumpershoot 2013. I'm tempted to label him as a "hipster," but I know better. Thanks buddy! I hope you enjoy The Living City!