Individual Recovery Day (sold)



Saturday June 18th - Book 23 - I made this book's cover with some swag GOBHI (the non-state state corporation that runs Oregon mental health) sent us, me, at my previous place of employment: Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness. This was not an easy 2 plus year tour of duty for me. As my main characters come to understand in The Living City, extended bouts of employment and or other forms of duty to the Almighty Dollar infects individuals with a "mental illness" I call "dope currency addiction." Most people I introduce this concept to struggle with it, a lot, because most people haven't lived long enough beyond the consuming control of dope currency addiction to know that they're sick. This book is dedicated to the individuals, now caught up in the collective insanity of the mental health system, who tried and failed to shoot the moon, dream a dream of their own, and fight for the freedom to rule the ground below their feet. 

PROP COSTS: $9.30 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 3hrs 40min) = SOLD at the NW Book Festival in July 2012 


This book now belongs to Cass my brother Ben Jammin's girlfriend. She bought it at our homewarming party when we returned to Portland.