Dishwashers and "Green" Paper Plates (sold)



Thursday June 23rd - Book 27 - The cover for this book was made from my first supply of boxes salvaged from what became my favorite dumpster, at the Shell station just outside the city of North Bend. It was a box for "Nature's Own" "Green Label" paper plates. As any one who knows me will know, I take my dishwashing very seriously. And, aside from the obvious crap logic of "green paper plates," I took serious offense to the corporate land body of Nature's Own (or should I say Mr. Nature's Own). I felt entitled to ask: In the future, how many hard working, badass suds busters will be put out of work from people buying "green" paper plates of this kind? My guess was quite a lot.

PROP COSTS: $9.80 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 3hrs 15min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $33.36


I sold this book to Karly at the Gresham Arts Festival. The Festival was nearing the end and The Fear was starting to creep in. It's a tough crowd here in Gresham. 8 out of 10 people who stopped by my booth expected some sort of crafty service from me: "Oh you make journals?" or "Do you make journals?" or "Do you repair old books?" or "Can you fix my family Bible...?" Needless to say, based on most of the people I spoke to that day, buying and or enjoying art wasn't high on their list of things to do at the Gresham Arts Festival. WITH THAT SAID, there is usually always a diamond in the rough. Karly stopped by my booth and browsed through my books enthusiastically. I was so inspired by her excitement, I let her take this book home without paying for it first. Fifteen minutes after she left with book in hand, she returned with a smile on her face. In her hand she had a piece of paper with her phone # on it. "You seem like a really cool guy," she said. "You should call me sometime." Then she walked away, leaving me feeling a little less old...and a lot more arty.