Under the Influence of Bill's Homemade Wine (traded)



Halfway through this production scene I received a call from my friend Bill the Ax Maker. He was leaving town (for a girl he met on-line) and he wanted a homemade copy of The Living city before he left, so I drove over to his house to give him the book I made especially for him. After a beer and a good parting conversation, Bill paid me in trade: one bottle of homemade wine, a burly old trail-building hoe (which came in handy later in the summer), and credit on a hatchet and an ax that he'd rebuilt from old ax heads. So, naturally, this production scene features some wine drinking in honor of Bill the Ax Maker.

PROP COST (materials): $10.14 + (STORYTIME (time worked): 5hrs 10min x THE RATE OF EXCHANGE (inspired by federal minimum wage): $7.25) = $47.60