The Birthday Books, Book I (sold)



Sunday June 26th - Book 33 (Yes, I know...I was turning 33) - I may never sell this book. This theme, which spans two books and two days of bookpacking adventures, showed me what my budding original character Bookmaker Jake could do when I wanted to. This book production is what "work" could mean if we got our shit together. There's just so much good stuff in this scene: a cover made from my fellow PCT hiker and one time friend Blue Suit's thermarest, a hike up to the crystal mine to mine for the perfect crystal to use as a toggle, an out of shape bookpacker and a trail hidden by snow, getting lost on a trail hidden by snow, finding the trail again with a brave (but stupid) creek walk to the camp my girlfriend and I watched dragonflies at in 2007, snow camping, bookmaking in the elements, a map with no name, writing by headlamp,  ponderings about ending The Birthday Books in the "Fountain of Ephemeral Youth" at Goldmeyer Hot Springs, and beautiful views of a wilderness. I may never sell this book, but if I do...I just might make you do a bookpacking adventure with me to make up for it.

PROP COSTS: $14.15 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 12hrs 48min (including hiking/adventure time) x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $106.95


The Perfect Crystal (for this scene)!


This is what it looks like to hike up a creek in full bookpacking gear.


Ah, getting to work in my DRY sleeping bag.

This book now belongs to a book art collector who visited my booth at Wordstock 2012. She bought it for $75. I thought the price was fair, but I still wish I had it...