The Birthday Books, Book II (sold)



Monday June 27th - Book 34 - This is the exciting conclusion of my epic "Birthday Books" bookpacking adventure. After a fitful night I woke to another glorious day of solitude in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, finished Book I, and began tracking my footprints back to the road leading to my cabin. I took some great shots of my "trail" out. When I hit the road, I stopped beside the creek to make a cover from the old carpet I used the night before as padding from the snow, and then drill the holes and bind the pages in. While I was working and enjoying the bug-free wonders of nature, I spied something shiny in a nearby bush. I shit you not, I found a shiny silver balloon (you know the kind that always end up in a tree or mountaintop somewhere) that read: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. The night of the 28th, I made a book out of it (which I sold before I was able to record here in my storybank account). Anyhow, after I finished the binding I hiked downstream to the bridge crossing over to the other side of the canyon. On the bridge I colored my title page for as long as I could handle the freezing wind blowing off the raging rapids. Then I beat feet for Goldmeyer Hot Springs, where Jeff and Niki my Special Guest Stars the Hot Springs Caretakers greeted me with some very nice things to say about The Living City, which they read from a book I made from a wine bag especially for the Hot Springs Caretaker Cabin (which I hope is still there...if not ask Beth what she did with it). We were so busy talking I almost forgot about my mission to take my signature shot, up in the hots springs, wearing my birthday suit. After talking a great shot of Jeff and Niki to add to the work scene, I hurried up to the hot springs, cast off the trappings of civilization, made friends with the soakers I found there, and asked one of them to take my signature shot for me. I didn't have much of a chance to relax and enjoy my soak (I was very hungry by this time), but I fell asleep that night feeling pretty good about how The Birthday Books turned out.

PROP COSTS: $15.25 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 11hrs 40min (including hiking/soaking/talking/adventure time) x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $99.83


Starting off at my snow camp with my page-cutting moments done.


I wish I could work in scenes this beautiful everyday!


Who says coloring isn't manly? 

This book now belongs to a nice woman who visited my booth at Bumpershoot 2013 with her friend and her son. After I gave her my pitch, I didn't think she'd be interested. I was wrong about that. We talked for a while about my book production scenes. I'm glad she now owns this one. I feel good knowing it has a good home. Thanks! I hope that crystal stays on for the duration of your ownership!