Crunch 'n Clean the Jungle Cat (traded)



Saturday July, 2 2011 - Book 43 - In my last book productioin scene, I was convinced that my drill battery was dead...but, apparently, it had enough in it for one more book, this one, which also marked the beginning of bug season. I got swarmed out on my porch while I worked, but I stayed outdoors anyway. I was more afraid of going back into the gloom of that cabin then I was getting a few mosquito bites. As a perk on this production scene, I bound in a "Crunch 'n Clean" cat snack bag with a bonus shot of my co-star Pip the Evergreen Jungle Cat. It makes him look like a real jungle cat, but nothing could be further from the truth. He is at heart a fat, lazy domesticate...but I love him anyway! 

PROP COSTS: $9.80 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 2hrs 45min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $29.74


I met a whip-smart, intuitive painter type at Bumpershoot 2013. After a fun conversation with her and her friend from Nebraska, she asked if she could "barter" this book for one of her paintings. I haven't seen her painting yet, and I generally dislike the word "barter" because of many reasons I won't go into, but I enjoyed our dialogue and I hope she enjoys her book. I'm sure someday I'll have one of her paintings on my wall.