Dark Days in Wallowa County (sold)



This book was made after my girlfriend and I moved from our rental house in Enterprise to a beautiful rental house in Joseph, on the slope below Chief Joseph Mountain. I hadn't been feeling good for many months. My job working as Case Manager, Group Therapist, Plumber, Pill Dispenser, Client In Crisis Transporter for Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness was really getting to me. I drank too many beers during the production of this book, ended up binding the wrong side, and had to start over. Other than the unhappy production drama, this book turned out alright. I guess one of the perks of becoming Bookmaker Jake: I'm allowed to have bad days.

SOLD to Jeff the Beekeeper (or "Karma" as I knew him on the PCT) in exchange for the promise of honey for making mead, or hopefully his very own mead-making work scene. Thanks Karma!  


* This is the third setting we moved into during our three plus year stay in Wallowa County.