The Last Production Scene Before the Big Go (sold)




This was the last book I made in Enterprise Oregon before I moved to the wilderness to work for Bob the Crystal Miner and begin my self-styled Bookmaking Boot Camp. My girlfriend and I had just moved to the rental house she was planning to live in for the summer and continue her work as a farmer for Backyard Gardens. The cover was made from a milk box I salvaged from our collection of moving boxes.

PROP COST (materials): $8.31 + (STORYTIME (time worked): 6hrs 12min x THE RATE OF EXCHANGE (inspired by federal minimum wage): $7.25) = $53.26


This book was sold to Lorie, a wonderful woman who visited Our Home at the Oregon Convention Center, Wordstock 2013. She asked a lot of good questions and took her time selecting this book. I hope she enjoys it. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to meet her!