The Redhook Book I (sold)



Friday July 29th 2011 - Book 76 - Wow, this one was a classic burning off of steam production scene. I returned from my two and a half days car camping with my sister feeling, and I quote, "wound up." I used to have a better tolerance for constantly chaotic situations, but working for Mental Health in Wallowa County killed off a lot of that tolerance I used to have. In other words, I spend this work scene getting "long hammered" on a six pack of Red Hook Long Hammer IPAs, wondering why I returned from the trip feeling like crap. That, and directing my rage at the stupid "I'm turning 30" letter written by the immaterial corporate body known as "Redhook." The mosquitoes finally made there appearance in this one; hence my "No Fly Zone" set up shown below.


The next shot shows the six pack box I bound into the book (just in case you need somewhere, beside your fridge, to store your beer), but it wasn't taken in this production scene. I took it the next day, in my newly formed No Fly Zone (a large bug tent Bob bought for me), while I producing The Red Hook Book II. This scene also features a page long list of lyrics that I took from The Red Hook Book One's Blockbuster Soundtrack.

PROP COSTS: $10.75 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 3hrs 20min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $34.92


I had fun making this book, and I had even more fun selling it. The couple who bought it were great. I learned all about her job driving a "pink mustache taxi," and I had fun watching her bounce around my booth checking out all my books. They were having trouble deciding, when she realized that the Red Hook box had a "turning 30" ad on the inside flap. Apparently her friend who they were buying a birthday gift for was turning 30. She erupted with excitement when she saw that. Later that night she stopped by to pay me another visit while I was breaking my booth down. I was pretty bushed, and I wish I could have been more exited to see her. Once again I'm honored to have found such a wonderful home for one of my favorite books! Thanks Mustache Taxi Driver Lady. You're the best!