The Official Beer of Spruce (sold)



Sunday July, 31st 2011 - Book 80 - When I worked for Bob in 2007, it was common knowledge that Rainier beer was the official beer of Spruce, but on day one of mining season I learned that there was a new beer of choice in the Middle Fork Canyon: Dale's Pale Ale. That jogged my memory, and I spent a lot of this production scene remembering all the work I'd done on The Living City since 2007. Back then I was calling it The Information Bomb, or The Rise of American Storybanking. It also reminded me of the stupid working roles I had to suffer to complete my final draft in Enterprise. And I quote, "For me, in my life, this is it...I love bookmaking and I love The Living City. Even if I have to flip hamburgers the rest of my days to make books like this one possible, I'll do it." 

PROP COSTS: $10.40 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 2hrs 30min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $28.53


I sold this book to the weirdest woman I met at Bumpershoot 2013. And I mean that in a good way. She had an intense stare that rattled me at times. It was the first thing I noticed about her. In any case, I talked with her for a long time. She's a writer who first claimed that she only had "ten bucks, three acts of a play, and a manuscript" in her pocket to buy a book with. I liked her dry sense of humor, but when it came to book buying time she handed me a twenty. I assumed that she was going to give me the whole twenty, seeing that we'd made it clear that she didn't have three acts of a play in her pocket, but she insisted on change. I sold this book to her for ten dollars, and I had the distinct feeling that she thought she was doing me a favor. Weird.