Beer, Books, and Boom! (sold)



Saturday August, 6th 2011 - Book 85 - I found the busted jack hammer hose I bound into the spine at Spruce while Bob and I were tromping up and down the mountain fixing holes in his air line. I'm pretty sure this is the first book with a jack hammer hose on it, but I positive that it wasn't the last book with one. It looks cool, and I love the way the hose makes the book feel. I found the 21st Ammendment Beer box at Spruce too. 21st would be "the official beer of Spruce" along with Dales, but Bob was the only big fan of the 21st Ammendment IPAs. I was inspired to turn the patriotic cartoon characters, the presidents of Mt. Rushmore, into a story about "beer, books, and boom." And (at the risk of tipping my hat as an occasional male and female role exploiter) I quote, "Chicks don't understand that feeling that rolls through a man's body like amber waves of grain, or hops, at the end of a long day blowing shit up, rolling rocks, finding treasures, bookmaking, and then cracking a beer can that has Honest Abe's face on it--smashing through Mt. Rushmore. Yes, pride and beer drinking are manly arts." 

PROP COSTS: $10.40 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 2hrs 46min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $30.46


This book now belongs to one of the girls I asked to "hold down the fort" and watch my booth at Bumpershoot while I found some bookmaking material. They left when I returned, but they returned later to buy books. Thanks ladies!