Hot Springs Scenes, Book I



Tuesday August, 9th 2011 - Book 90 - As it is in The Living City (where we would gather ourselves in "supporting casts" and "themes" instead of our moldy old classes (as in "classroom"), teams, corporations, and nations), I pioneered my first character-based common theme Hot Springs Scenes in this book. In this introductory hot spring scene, my mission was to meet the new Hot Springs Caretakers and finish my book production scene and take my signature shot while soaking in Goldmeyer Hot Springs. I wanted to be clean for my introduction, so I took a bath in the creek (see below) using Dr. Bronner's and a cup to get the grime off. After I produced the book up to the moments where I mint The Making of The Living City (my homemade currency, proof of work), I hiked to the springs and introduced myself to my new Special Guest Stars (see the photo I took of them after I rattled off a quick into to Bookmaker Jake). I had a good conversation with Will, but as I walked up to the springs...I realized I already forgot the name of his wife. Shit! Oh well: I enjoyed my soak, met a nice guy named Alfred, minted my currency, and had a mission for the next exciting production of Hot Springs Scenes. "I'm sorry," I'd have to say. "What was your name again?"

PROP COSTS: $10.75 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 3hrs 55min (including talk-time with Will and Alfred) x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $39.15


"Ah! Nothing like a brisk bath in snow melt!"