A Brush with The Beast (sold)



Thursday August, 11th 2011 - Book 91 - I love this book. Not only it is one of the best books I made using Bob's busted jack hammer hose (it's hard to drill the holes through the hose and the pages and get it straight, but I got it straight on this one), but I made this book mere moments after I had my first encounter with "The Beast," a hundred pound chunk of crystals and pyrite that, on this day, almost did me in. I'm a badass Human Pack Mule, for sure; but (after Bob pulled it from the Bookbinder Vug and packed it up for me) I almost tumbled down the mountain under the strain of trying to pack it up, off the bench, to the landing above using a rope. I remember my arms and legs shaking and The Beast having its way with my body, rocking me one way and then the next, as I climbed up the rope and set the rock on the landing above with just enough slack to do so. I knew it scared the shit out of me, because the first think I did was appologize to Bob for almost busting his rock. In any case, here's the quote I opened with, "Today's been a rough one, physically. But, even as I work in my "No Fly Zone" outside the cabin by lamplight, I'm glad I'm pushing myself to make this book for you. Somehow it, this work scene gives a certain justification to my day." There's nothing like a brush with mortality to bring the meanings of one's life to light.

* I salvaged the "All Natural Creamy Mash Potatoes" cover from Spruce. Bob told me that its the only instant potatos he and his wife buy.

PROP COSTS: $10.40 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 2hrs 13min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $26.47


I sold this at the NW Book Festival 2015. The thoughtful guy who bought the book paid $40 for it. I know I'm supposed to be above all this quantitative-based economics, but it really felt good to get a good price for this one. I love this book's production story and the quality of the binding is good. Hope you're enjoying your book! 

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