Taming The Beast (and Pip) - (sold)



Wednesday, August 17th 2011 - Book 94 - Usually I spend The Making of The Living City writing about scenes that happen just before, or after I sit down to make a book. It's my way of acknowledging the importance of all the influences, "the spirit," or "voice," that goes into the production of any thing we buy and sell. Usually, the workplace works overtime to keep the influences of our lives (friends, family, personal interests, etc) out of their narrow-minded production scenes. This work scene is a great example of what can happen when we give life a greenlight and let it play its role in our work. Something like ten moments before I started my book production scene, my Human Pack Mule character became a Spruce legend after I told Bob that he did not have to call a helicopter to pack The Beast down, then I looked it in "the eye" and packed it down the Spruce trail, determined not to let The Fear beat me...


The Beast now lives in Italy somewhere. I often wonder if its owner knows that I was the first one to tame it that day. Bob, of course, did more to tame it later...turning it into a real work of art.


But, the real story here was all the drama that happened WHILE I was making this book. I managed to rescue a squirrel from the jaws of Pip the Evergreen Jungle Cat. But the rescue was only the first act in my effort to save my wilderness creature friend's life.  It also has four hand-mined crystals in The Fresh Rock Product cover.

PROP COSTS: $13.05 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 3hrs 5min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $35.40



This book now belongs to a wonderful, enthusiastic woman who visited my booth at Bumpershoot 2013 with her friends. Her friends weren't as excited about my bookmaking adventures as she was, but she stayed and talked with me for a long while. I won't lie. I loved her attention, and I'm honored that she now owns this one. It's one of my favorite production scenes. Thanks again!