My Wilderness Creature Friend (sold)



Thursday, August 18th 2011 - Book 95 - In the previous book production scene, I saved a chipmunk from the jaws of Pip the Evergreen Jungle Cat (In Training), but the drama didn't end there. I freed the little guy that night, figuring he'd have all night to escape while I kept Pip inside. It was weird. An hour or so after I blew out my candle, I got this feeling like I should go check on him. Sure enough, my wilderness creature friend was shivering in the dark crouched in the same position I left it in. So, I put him back in his make-shift cage and brought him inside where it was at least a few degrees warmer. This production scene tells the exciting last act of my attempt to save my wilderness creature friend from the jaws of Pip the Yahoo Sport's Cat. What do you think? Will our friend survive or will the vile sport hunter Pip have his way? You'll only know if you buy the book. Ha! How's that for a cliff hanger? 

PROP COSTS: $10.75 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 2hrs 58min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $32.26


On October 3rd 2015 I sold this book to Lez and her quiet companion at the Affordable Arts Festival. She was an attentive listener and seemed interested in storybanking and The Living City. I gave my pitch to her and her quiet companion. In return for this book I received an invitation to check out her website: and the promise to send a check in the mail. My batting average for people who take books and promise to send money in the mail is not good. So far it's been about two weeks since the show...but I'm still rooting for her. Then again, I often have good feelings for people who fool me. Oh well, on my better days I know it's better to trust than not. The last thing I'd want to realize on my death bed is that I'd spent my days defensive, untrusting, and generally running around feeling justified and entitled to cheating people because of whatever reason, or cause, or wound I'd convinced myself justified my actions. 

Thanks for listening Lez! My Bookmaker needed a little fuel to fire my imagination!