A Taste of The Wild (sold)



June 5th - Book Four: This production scene began with a short walk to the creek where I drew my water to wash out the cat food bag I emptied into Pip's Pip-proof storage bucket. I drank the water from the creek all summer without filtering it. Many people marveled at this feat, but I knew from experience that, aside from a touch of the runs, the water there was excellent. And so is this book...I mean, aside from a touch of bad handwriting and a jangled thought process, I'm proud of this one. I could be wrong, but I believe that this book marks Pip's title as the Jungle Cat, soon to become the Evergreen Jungle Cat. Three cheers for pets! Can you imagine a world without obnoxious domesticates running around our homes? Holy Moses, what would we talk about? 

PROP COST (materials): $11.23 + (STORYTIME (actual time worked): 3hrs 2min x THE RATE OF EXCHANGE (based on federal minimum wage): $7.25) = $33.22


This book was sold to a woman who'd stopped by to pay us a visit at Our Home the living room in the Oregon Convention Center. And here she is!