Fixing God's Plumbing (sold)



Sunday, August 21st 2011 - Book 99 - And I quote, "When I returned from packing everything my Human Pack Mule packed in August in the back of Bob's truck with an aching back, I discovered that my creek was broken." Until then, I'd been enjoying the clear snowmelt from a creek a short walk from the cabin...but now the only way I'd be getting water was to fix God's plumbing and find a way to tap into the creek higher up the mountain and route it to the cabin. "I tromped off into the woods above my shack with a roll of duct tape (of course!), a knife, one water jug, and a half full bottle of Clorox bleach. I took the bleach because it was here. The last Caretaker had left it here." My epic adventure to fix the gravity fed water line ensued from there, a real dramatic whopper that inspired me to make this book cover from the Clorox bleach box my Dad gave me last time I visited him. 


That's a shot of my new creek "springing forth" the water's of life.

PROP COSTS: $10.75 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 3hrs 47min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $38.18


This book couldn't have gone to a better home. I met Glenna Marie Weixel at my first showing at Wordstock, where we had what I thought was an amazing conversation (The kind that make talking worth the doing); and this year she visited Our Home at the Convention Center again. We talked of many things, art, green burial, "mental health" (I think we need a better term for that experience), and her many empathetic divine missions. I have no doubt that anyone who has the pleasure of meeting this woman is better for it. She bought this book for her son, Jason. I think this one's a good one, and I hope he likes it! Glenna is a Life Enrichment Coach. You can visit her blog at-