Waiting for the Mountains to Turn Blue (sold)



Friday, September 2nd 2011 - Book 106 - In the decentralized government of The Living City, where no one would pay some stranger to "represent" them (let alone pay some stranger to spend their money in taxes for them), the act of self representation is the keystone of self governance. That's why I spend so much time in production scenes like this one writing about the strange corporate representations I find plastered all over the trash I make my book covers from. In this one, Mr. Coors the Corporate Person claims "When the Mountains Turn Blue It's as Cold as the Rockies." I had some fun with that one, and it inspired a memory of my friend Joe's Uncle Keven who will only drink Coors Light on our epic hunting adventures in Eastern Oregon. It also inspried me to turn the mountain fiction on the Coors Light box into something more in line with Bookmaker Jake...I turned the "Cold Activation Window" into a vug (with a real crystal), drew three stick figures on the mountain (Bob, Archer, and me), and wired the jack hammer hose spine with salvaged blasting wire. You know, so you can blast open your "vug." Ha! 

PROP COSTS: $11.65 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 4hrs 27min) = SOLD at the NW Book Festival in July 2012