Food Widgets in The Woods



Monday June 6 - Book Five- I got this cover from my old rental house in Joseph, Oregon. Like my main character Maggie, I generally believe scientists invented breakfast widgets like Cheerios because they hate real food. Why they hate real food, I have no idea. All I know is that "Cheerios" isn't real food...and my Girlfriend Emily and I bought it because we're outstanding hypocrites. In spite of the cover, this book was a fun one. The sun was out, and the bugs hadn't arrived in the northern cascades yet. It features a good shot of Pip the Evergreen Jungle Cat, and some more discussion about Bigfoot. I look back at my "proof of work" scene, written with photos on the first few pages, and I'm horrified. I guess that is what training is make mistakes.

PROP COST (materials): $10.17 + (STORYTIME (actual time worked): 2hrs 30min x THE RATE OF EXCHANGE (based on federal minimum wage): $7.25) = $28.30