The River Book (sold)



Sunday, September 4th 2011 - Book 109 - At the end of Your Ugly Book scene, I was waiting for noon to roll around without Bob honking his horn on the road, without activating my Human Pack Mule or Mucker character, so I could do this work scene on the Middle Fork River. And oh wow! I'm glad he didn't show. I will always remember this book. 


There I am setting off from my cabin. I could hear the Middle Fork from my cabin. I often fell asleep listening to it, but in all the time I'd spent in the canyon, I never hiked down to the river...


The hike down proved to be more adventurous than I thought: devil's club, deep ravines, ferns covering the holes made by downed trees, nurse logs, bugs everywhere, oh my! I killed one of my rationed beers before I even started drinking. And that, in the photo up there, was what I found when I broke through the wilderness... There would be no bookmaking on the shore of the Middle Fork because there was no shore, not really. 


But it was September, and the river was low enough for me to wade out to a rock island in the middle of the Middle Fork. It was awesome. I had a view of the craggy peaks above me, plenty of room to set up shop, and most importantly: NOT MANY BUGS! Oops, there went my shirt!

I savored my beers, enjoyed the sun and the view, dunked my head when I got too hot, and went on a river walk upstream at sunset when I finished my work. Like the magnet on my grandmother's fridge used to read: IT'S NOT WORK IF YOU LOVE IT! And I loved my "work" in this scene. 

PROP COSTS: $12.05 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 4hrs 16min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $42.98


I sold this epic bookmaking adventure for $40 at Wordstock. The price was fair, but I was sad to see it go! Come back River Book, come back!