The Chip Bag II (sold)



Wednesday, September 7th 2011 - Book 112 - And I quote, "Your book here was chosen by me, the governing body of Living City Bookmaking Productions, to honor two things: one, the chip bag purse made by Philoh the Junker in The Living City--and the jar of homemade salsa I gobbled down with these chips that was made by my Girlfriend Emily and I." And I chose this brand of chips to buy because they put resealable zip-locks on their bags, which makes for a good cover...with pockets.

* I also plotted and set up my PCT "storytime traveling" bookmaking trip in this scene

PROP COSTS: $10.40 + (STORYTIME WORKED: 2hrs 23min x OUR EXCHANGE RATE (based on fed minimum wage): $7.25) = $27.68


 I sold this book to a wonderful woman who visited my booth at Bumpershoot with her husband. She wanted to buy the book I was working on at the time: pringles can and Ben and Jerry's box. After a long, fun conversation she agreed to buy this one instead. I enjoyed talking with her and her much quieter husband. He's a small business owner who has very few days off. I don't think he really wanted to, but I was honored that he spent as much time as he did helping his wife decide on a book to buy. I hope they both enjoy this one. It was a lot of fun to make.